Fall Hair Trends

What does that French word mean? Is the first question that pops into our head when we overhear the conversations revolving around fall hair color trends. Let's face it, your hair is the most important factor when it comes to your persona and you need to learn a few keywords before you start telling your stylist what you're envisioning. 


We expect this technique to become the #1 trend this fall. It adds more highlights to the top portion of the hair and it makes the ombre even seem more subtle. The key to getting the tortoiseshell look on brunette hair is to ask for golden tones. Suggested key words to use with your colorist: honey, caramel, and copper.

Baby Lights vs. Low Lights

Babylights are placed around your hairline that frames your face or your where you part your hair. It's a traditional highlight, but you cut it in half.

Bronde... do you mean blonde?

No, we don't mean blonde. Bronde is a new term that colorist created which means, to give an individual that's brunette and give them a layer of highlights.

So that French word, Balayage. 

This term has been popular in the hair color world for the past 4 years and it's going no where. In French, the word means sweeping or scanning. This technique appears to look more natural and that's why it's a trend that's stayed very consistent over the last few years. 

Lowlights in a nutshell

Lowlights are darker pieces of hair that your colorist reserves for the layers underneath and around the neck. This is a great technique if your highlights have transitioned into one solid color over the course of your hair color life. 


This hair trend will live on forever. At the root of every woman we love the fact of being low maintenance. If that's even possible. When it's not possible we fake it by rolling with the ombre technique. It's the idea to lighten up just the ends and make it look natural. Have you noticed that when a child's hair changes it transitions from dark to light on a strand. 


More settled ombre. If baby lights and ombre had a child it would be called, Sombre. There's a hint of color at the roots, but the main color is primarily at the roots.

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- Stephanie Runyan 

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